NexorONE® - Online Banking System

NexorONE® can be deployed and fully functional in 24 hours. We have in-house dedicated developers and a customer support team. Additional services include the deployment of a Sandbox/Test Environment for training and demo purposes. For larger customers, we have Dev Environments to manage Production Deployments. We implement the highest security standards available to protect the operations and valuable customer data.



Two deployment presentations:

CORE Package

Scalable Modular Software Package

Ready to deploy and start operations. Modules can easily be added as needed. Includes the capability to create unlimited users, user-groups, and administrators.

FULL Package

Complete Software Package

This comprehensive package offers the most operational flexibility from the start. Based on the Core Package it includes all Modules and Languages at bulk pricing.


All available for the CORE Package or included in FULL Package:


NexorONE® caters to a very broad market of financial service providers by having a flexible software solution. With the existing wide variety of modules and all the additional Custom Product Development to date, we can support you with a versatile solution that molds itself to your operations.

The NexorONE® CORE Package scalability allows it to easily grow with your needs. With its modular structure, the system can be expanded to comply with the demand.

The NexorONE® FULL Package already includes all modules and they can be activated and customized inside the system at any time.

With the continuous system and security improvements, updates are installed without operational interruptions and with immediate effect.

As business diversifies, the Business Expansion Modules will allow for the broadening of online services offered.

External Integrations to other Software and Service Providers can be added and customized, providing the most competitive combination of resources.


  • Payment/Charges Automatization Modules

    • Interests & Term Deposits with Certificates Module
    • Monthly Fee and Minimum Balance Module
    • Line of Credit / Overdraft Module

  • Compliance Modules

    • Terms & Conditions Module
    • Admin Documents - File Upload Module (CDD)
    • Transfer Proof of Funds File Upload Module (AML)
    • User Documents File Upload Module (KYC)
    • User Transfer - File Upload Module (Proof of Funds)
    • OFAC Compliance Module (Live feed included)

  • Interaction Enhancement Modules

    • Messaging Platform Scaling Control Module
    • Open Messaging Platform Between Users Module
    • Messaging Platform Attachments - File Upload Module
    • Multiple Transfers to Other Users - File Import Module
    • Schedule Recurring Transfers Between Users Module
    • Important Notices and News Page Module
    • Print to Branded PDF Module
    • User Automated Transfers / Auto-Sweep
    • Automated User Credentials Reset Module

  • Data Import & Export Modules

    • Export Outgoing Wires - File Export Module
    • Import Transactions - File Import Module
    • Import Profiles and Accounts - File Import Module

  • Business Expansion Modules

    • FX - Currency Exchange Module
    • User Portfolio Management Module
    • Share Trading Module
    • User Payment Request Module
    • Commissions Payout Module
    • Loans Tracking Module
    • Trades Schedule Module
    • Gift Cards Management Module
    • Debit Cards Management Module

  • Language Expansion Module

    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Italian

    • Portuguese
    • Swedish
    • Turkish
    • Serbo-Croatian
    • Slovenian
    • Czech

    • Japanese
    • Chinese
    • Russian
    • Korean
    • Arabic



After you have acquired NexorONE®, we offer all the necessary services to quickly get the system online and operational. NexorONE® is deployed to AWS Servers delivering PCI Compliant hosting with Banking Grade Security Standards and using CloudFlare providing Security Protection against all types of online threats. We offer a wide variety of additional IT services to establish your online presence.

Cloud Infrastructure Partners:

NexorONE® is deployed to AWS Servers
We use CloudFlare for Security Protection



"The growth flexibility of an Online Banking Software is directly related to its integration capabilities"

NexorONE® can integrate with any provider in the market by using API's. Some of the existing integrations include major Compliance Solutions, Payment/Merchant Platforms, Card Providers, Market Feeds, ACH/Check Clearing Services, and Communication/Support Solutions. NexorONE® has also developed a variety of web-services allowing third party connections.


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Additional Services



Hosting & Support Solutions

After the NexorONE® Platform Installation and website integration, our Hosting and Support Solution Package comes with a comprehensive service contract and scalable servers to host and run the system securely.  

Services available include:

  • Servers 99.95% Availability | PCI DSS Compliance
  • RDS DataBase Creation, Setup, and Monitoring
  • Security and Access Policies Implementation
  • Redundant Remote Daily Backup Provisions
  • Full HTTPS/SSL Certificate Layer

Other services:

  • Optional Website and Email Accounts
  • Website server cPanel Access
  • Website Integration Assistance
  • Optional Sandbox - Secondary Platform


Website and Graphic Design Services

Our graphic designers are at your service to create unique and professional websites and logo designs. By working with sketches and your feedback, we ensure your satisfaction with the final product.

Additionally, we install our Web-Manager® CMS software, that will enable you to edit the content of your website at your own leisure.

For samples of some of the websites made by us please click the below image to visit our gallery:

Website and Graphic Design Services

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